For the Civil Engineering Squadron, we provide Local Area Network Management and Maintenance Services. CP operates the help desk, records trouble calls, and messages, and maintains a job control log. We provide qualified Networking and IT professionals to maintain the physical security and integrity of the Local Area Network and Print Servers, also completing system backups and utilities to maintain appropriate backup and archival maintenance as required and on an emergency basis. CP installs and/or relocates network computer drops as required, running cables, making cables/patch panels, RJ-45 faceplates, and minor construction work for the relocation of servers, computers, and other rack-mounted equipment. CP responds to user trouble calls relating to hardware, software, and connectivity to troubleshoot and repair physical computers, printers, print servers, and rack-mounted servers. We also provide user training and general usage and operation of LAN workstations as well as software application training to include Windows10, Windows7, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office Suite, and other TCP/IP Applications.